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Hiring a Medium As a Business Consultant

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I have been tested by the media as a professional medium for the past 14 years. I did not ask for it nor self promote, word of mouth just happened between close friends and one day things just spiraled to the point where I found myself in a nationally syndicated column.

Over the years, several clients who privately hold corporations have contacted me for personal business development advice. This has always been kept a secret. After all , what customer or client would want to know that the owner of a company that they do business with, has such concerns where a medium is consulted?

Today, I received a phone call from a client who owns a medium sized orthopedic practice on the East Coast.He has a group of investors and hold quarterly meetings. The economy has not impacted the orthopedic business. After all, people still get injured at work and in car accidents, despite the declining household incomes and high gas prices.

When I answered the phone, I heard the echo of being placed on speaker phone. He said to me, “Welcome to our board meeting, today I have hired a medium to consult on the marketing aspects of our practice.”

My client revealed his previous secret conferences with me in public at his meeting.
He had tape recorded our previous conversations and compared the financial growth of our brainstorms with actual financial data over the past two years. He created a spreadsheet presentation and compared the revenue of each marketing idea implemented. He then did a comparison spread sheet of the cost of our consultations vs. the cost to consult with a marketing firm to implement the same ideas.

He showed his investors he saved $150/hour through our secret conferences.

Dealing with a New Age practitioner or medium has always been a closeted encounter especially in mainstream business. Now today, with more reality shows featuring using psychics and mediums in crime investigations, our field is starting to receive a tad more respect.

It is strange that someone could just hear or sense a piece of information out of the clear blue. How can you trust that the information that you are receiving will prove to be instrumental to your success? I am not exactly sure how I can answer that question. I am often asked, ” How do you know you are right?

Honestly, very few professional mediums actually know if they are correct when they consult with someone. Over the years from dealing with people you develop a batting average.

Yet even with that, it still seems far fetched.

From an ethical standpoint, when I work with a business client, I structure my services where initially, they choose what they will pay me. For example, if I initially consult with them, if they feel the information I gave them was only worth $5.00, then that is all they pay. If they feel the session was worth $200.00 then, they pay it. I always tell my clients, to evaluate what they feel the value of the information is worth to them. Channeling is an exchange of energy. You will get from it what you believe it is worth to you. That is my personal belief. This plan has worked quite well after fourteen years of helping people. When first working with a client there is a slight learning curve involved and I do not believe the client’s financial risk should be involved. They should feel the transaction was beneficial from both sides.

I decided to write this article because I realized after being hidden by business clients most of these years, it felt great for a client to announce me to their business partners. I felt a sudden rush of joy and job well done. It is a fine feeling to be appreciated.
I wish to share with you some of my most recent consulting tips:

For Food and Beverage Walk -In Stores:

I did not invent this idea but I have seen it bring in a tremendous savings vs. printing coupons for customers ordering food/beverage for take out or dine in. Creating a trivia coupon where the customer walks into the store and at the ordering cash register there is a trivia question of the day. If the correct answer is given you will give a drink for 99 cents instead of regular price or take 50 cents off the order. It is really not about getting the right answer, it is about developing a dialogue with your customer.

It opens up the door for you to talk to them to make them feel welcome at your establishment.

You can find out what they feel about your food or service. It acts as an informal way to build a good customer relationship. Upon surveying customers who do the trivia coupon, they return to repurchase at the establishment not only because they enjoyed what they bought, but they liked the fun of interacting with the employee at the time of purchase. They felt welcome and want to buy again where they feel welcome. The discount is a minor incentive.

Real Estate Sales FSBO:

We didn’t sell just a house, we sold the cause it went to. My client had to sell her home. She recovered from cancer but did not recover financially from her time off. Her home sat on the market for 20 months, after going through several realtors. She decided to go FSBO with the incentive of offering a realtor bringing in a qualified buyer 3% of the sale. In our consult, we evaluated what was most important to her. I then asked her, ideally what would she do if she got her asking price for her home.

She simply stated that she would pay off her bills and donate $15,000 to cancer research. We created an honest straightforward marketing approach where she constructed a one page letter to the realtors in her area stating her desire to sell her home to donate $15,000 to cancer research. In two months, a realtor brought in a qualified buyer, who was also a cancer survivor. My client received her exact asking price. In some cases when dealing with a high end transaction, you may want to try aligning yourself with others who share similar values.

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Fantastic Reasons to Use Search Engine Optimization Consultants

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Do you think that you know everything there is to know about search engine optimization and online marketing? If you said yes, then you may need to think again! I know I don’t know everything there is to know, and I have been in the field for over 10 years. It is a vicious yet exciting field full of learning curves. There is a lot more to search engine optimization than just the placement of keywords in a website. That is why a lot of people hire SEO consultants to teach them not only the basics about SEO, but some tips that they can use when marketing their website.

SEO experts study for years to become the best of the best. Unless you want to hire their services online, then you better talk to a few SEO consultants so that they can teach you the ins and outs of SEO. Today we are going to talk about a things SEO professionals normally cover when helping you to market your website.

When you think about it, search engine optimization is pretty much just marketing your site to search engines. You want your website to be very attractive the search engines so they will give you a top 10 rankings in their search results. These search engines send out crawlers that look around for new websites and old websites. They determine what your website is about, how many other web sites think you are credible and then they use an algorithm to determine where you should rank. From here, they are able to rank your site appropriately where they believe you should be placed within their search engine results.

SEO consultants can teach you what you need to change about your website. Talented SEO Consultants can both improve site optimization, link popularity and improve your site’s marketing design to improve conversions. The more visitors like your site, the higher the ranking you will receive. SEO experts know how to make your website look great, and that is how they get it ranked so fast. However, a lot of times, they charge a lot of money. SEO consultants will usually help with your search engine optimization and also give you the knowledge to do it yourself. This way you can get some instant success and learn how to make long lasting success.

Remember, marketing your site is not as easy as it sounds. You need all the help that you can get. If you want, you can hire the services of SEO experts, and they will get your site ready for top rankings. However, if you want to be able to perform your own search engine optimization, then you need to do a lot of reading to learn more about the subject or hire help. Everyone wants to get noticed by the search engines, and search engine optimization is the way to do it.

Joel McLaughlin is the owner of DataFlurry seo search engine optimization services. We are offer Expert SEO services as SEO Consultants. Also offering web hosting and design. Our internet marketing department helps your site to succeed online. We’re seo marketing consultants & experts.

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Experienced SEO Consultant

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Hire an experienced SEO consultant, to get your website among the top sites. He is the master of search engine marketing and understands the working of search engine marketing. It is a SEO consultant who knows the art of compelling the visitor to visit the site and buy their products / services.

If you hire an experienced Search engine optimization consultant then you will realize and understand his need completely. He works very strategically. Only upon comprehending your needs, he formulates a comprehensive plan / strategy for development of your website. He works in conjunction with web designers, content writers and other people involved in the making of a site. Search engine optimizer will see to it that the site developed is user and search engine friendly. He will find the right set of keywords and key phrases that will completely go in with your site. Proportionately these keywords will be distributed over the website. Meta tags that include Meta title, Meta description and Meta content description are given by them. Further he will use various SEO tactics that will be helpful in promoting the site.

On continuous basis he will do the research and try various methods of site optimization. For long-term benefits, he would prefer to go in for organic search engine optimization, rather than pay per click. Further a SEO will give you the monthly reports, keep a track on the visit and maintain the site. SEO is a long-term process; therefore it is advisable to give search engine optimizer and designer deadline for the work. Now you would be thinking on how to get an experienced SEO Consultant. Well it is good to hire a company for this purpose. These days there are many SEO companies in India who have a competent team of experienced Search engine consultants. You can see the projects undertaken by them and also take client referrals. Before hiring one just see the credentials of the SEO. The fees that would be charged by them for the project usually includes complete internet-marketing solutions. These are just few of points that will help you in selecting an experienced SEO consultant. But before taking any decision think and inquire about the company that you will be hiring.

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What Does a SEM Expert Consultant Do?

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SEM Expert consultant’s main job is to promote a website by increasing its visibility on various search engines. They use different methods like search engine optimization, paid placement, and inclusions. In the competitive era of e commerce marketing it becomes necessary to hire a SEM consultant. These SEM experts formulate a plan for e commerce marketing and see to it that the selected keywords match the needs of each and every page and site.

In whatever business into like real estate, jewelry, handicraft items, garments, etc., and are looking for ways to improve your sales and clientele, just hire a search engine-marketing expert. Depending on your needs you can engage one of the freelance SEM expert consultant or a company that has a team of search engine marketing specialist. Upon seeing the growing demands of business entrepreneurs, many SEM companies have come up in India. They offer expert services to the clients and take care of their website completely. Their entire team of SEM Expert consultants is well versed with different search engine marketing techniques. So if your website is not in the top rankings or yielding high result contact them. They charge economically for this service. Closely all the facets of the website are analyzed by them. Accordingly in consultation with the team necessary changes are suggested. This could be related to anything like content, design, keywords that were been used, images, presentation, etc. Only upon your approval they start the work.

If you are new to the business of search engine marketing, then don’t worry at all. From the day get hold of the company that has been engaged into the business. They will design the site, put necessary details about the products / services and manage the business using the services chosen by you. You can independently keep a check over the products which have been sold, their cost, etc. Easily and accordingly you can manage the inventory. Hence, it is always wiser to hire them from the day when you have planned to have a site. Using their years of skills and techniques, they make sure that site is developed according to the needs of the search engines. Seeing their success graph, many SEM companies have started engaging them for their outsourcing and offshore business. Their offshore SEO services India include PPC management, website promotion, etc.

Sometimes, it’s been seen that people want to hire a SEO Company India for specific purpose like only for web promotion or content writing. For them customized solutions are also available. To know more about the responsibility of SEM Expert consultant, contact search engine-marketing company in India, now.

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Arbonne Consultants – Are You Tracking Your Leads?

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Tracking your Arbonne Consultant leads can be one of the most important steps you ever take in your business. There is little point in having a marketing campaign that includes lead generation when you are not taking the proper steps to track your progress and results.

Tracking your online marketing leads for new Arbonne Consultants will tell you where your prospects are coming from. This will help you know which campaigns are bringing in good people for you, and which ones are not. You should then tweak your online marketing settings or marketing strategies accordingly. While we all like to see new leads coming in, you could see the number of potential Arbonne Consultants grow exponentially if you take the time to track your leads and analyze the information.

As an Arbonne Consultant, you want to run as efficient a campaign as possible. Most of your competitors (including other Arbonne Consultants) won’t track their data. Over the long haul, this will give you a huge edge. Remember, you’re in it to win it.

Why don’t most Arbonne Consultants track their lead generation data?

Don’t know what tool to use
If you want to build a huge business, you can’t let these excuses stop you.

Don’t be lazy. Do what others are unwilling to do, and you will be paid what others are unable to be paid.

Take the time to learn how to track your leads. Knowledge is power, and you must take the time to learn how to track your data.

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