Marketing 101 for Courier Companies

Marketing your courier business needn’t be a headache: it’s all about formulating the right strategy and embracing innovative new ways to reach consumers. With more channels on offer than ever before, it can sometimes feel like your marketing budget is being stretched a little thin, but with creativity and a watertight plan, you can see significant results. Here are just a few great ways to maximise your return on advertising spend.
1. Blogging

At first glance, logistical subject matter like the ins and outs of courier work does not seem to lend itself to this format. However, with careful execution a blog can generate interest in any industry, logistics included. Consumers are more likely to trust the information they read in an informative blog post than with traditional advertising, because the format allows you to address them directly and establish a friendly tone. Finding ways to make the content relevant to your readers is key, as is thinking about the optimum article length for your subject matter.

2. Facebook

Arguably the most impactful innovation in digital marketing of the last decade, Facebook is a valuable tool for logistics businesses, as the live interactions with customers lend themselves to the fast-paced nature of the industry. If your business undertakes a lot of courier work, for example, the messenger tool can be invaluable for answering delivery enquiries and providing service updates. Facebook pages, groups and messenger are all tools that you can use for free, or try paid-for targeted ads to reach your desired demographic.

3. LinkedIn

An obvious choice for any B2B logistics company, LinkedIn is no longer the preserve of job hunters and recruitment departments. Make use of the network to generate new leads by making connections with potential clients. If you have opted to start a blog, posting links to your articles on LinkedIn is a great way to generate interest and direct traffic back to your website.

4. Email Marketing

This is the oldest trick in the digital marketing book, but it’s still one of the most reliable ways to get your message to clients and customers. Whether you are informing clients about disruption to your services or offering a promotion, it allows you to add a personal touch to your communications. Using your recipient’s name in the subject header is a proven method to increase the open-rate.

Always Have a Strategy

You wouldn’t send out a shipment without knowing its destination, and you wouldn’t schedule courier work without checking the availability of your drivers. Your marketing strategy should be no different: take the necessary time to make a considered plan, taking your audience and competitors into account.

Most importantly, your strategy does not have to be fixed. Use A/B testing to check what channels are working best for you, and look at ways in which your efforts can and should change with the seasons. It will never be a finished product: keep measuring what works, keep researching the platforms that your customers are using and keep promoting your business where it can be seen.

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